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The following are from a variety of different musical groups.

Jason Marshall Quartet Demo. Very cool straight-ahead organ band, recorded on my very own B3. Featuring me on organ, Tom Guarna on guitar, Jerome Jennings on drums, and Jason Marshall on baritone sax. Recorded, mixed and mastered by me at my place.
Lotus Blossom, 4.4 mb | Ms. Garvey, 5.9 mb

Defunkt live in Vienna. If you haven't checked out Joe Bowie's trombone playing, check it out now! Good examples of my multi-keyboard funk playing. Featuring me on rhodes, synth and computer organ, Joseph Bowie on trombone, Alex Harding on baritone saxophone, Kim Clarke on bass, Tobias Ralph on drums, and Kahil El'Zabar on percussion.
Defunkt, 1.7 mb | Why Can't We See, 1.1 mb

Vinny Valentino and Color Funk. A killing organ trio. Vinny Valentino on guitar, me on organ, and Tony Cintron on drums.
Color Funk, 7 mb | Get It Got It Good, 7.2 mb

The AK4. Here are some Brazilian tunes the AK4 recorded for a grant demo. Me on piano, Greg Jones on bass, Willard Dyson on drums, and Frank Colon on percussion. Recorded, mixed and mastered by me at my place.
Frevo, 8.8 mb | Partido Alto, 8 mb | So Danso Samba, 6.1 mb

The Adam Klipple Sextet selections. Mac Gollehon on trumpet, Michael Blake on sax, Joshua Roseman on trombone, me on piano, James Genus on bass, and Willard Dyson on drums.
The OP Blues, 10.2 mb

Other Fun Stuff.
Mary Suk is Dancing, 3.4 mb: A humorous commissioned dance piece. Aaron Johnston on percussion, me on all other instruments and vocals.

Photo by Richard Vignola.
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