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Adam Klipple brings us a unique brand of Jazz/Funk which is too soulful for Fusion and too heady for Soul-Jazz or Funk. An alumni of Michael Ray's Cosmic Krewe, Adam has been playing on the NYC scene for the last few years. This debut CD is packed with catchy tunes, some of which are Avant-Garde, but Adam balances it with down home Funk and Jazz. Drive-By Leslie lays down tight grooves...

The Pakistan Daily News (We are not making this one up.)
Adam Klipple is the rock and jazz man of the band. He played the organ in a manner not seen before. His fingers alone did not ply the keyboard, his whole being was a performance of eurythmics with a flourish: a body language that contributed as much to the composition as the music of his organ.

The Valley News
Adam Klipple is simply frighteningly good, the kind of young talent who makes you dizzy when you think of the years ahead.


Photo by Richard Vignola.
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