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Adam Klipple is a composer and musician who has been described as "a standout pianist who has gone to school on McCoy Tyner and Cecil Taylor and earned his degree." He plays piano, Hammond organ, sampler and a variety of vintage keyboards, and is currently focusing on three projects:

Drive-By Leslie, his Hammond organ quartet, explores many styles of electric jazz from the organ trio to the present. The band's latest album, Blackjack, is available on Nineteen-Eight Records. You can also listen to new DBL tunes on MySpace.

Sneak, featuring vocalist Becca Stevens, makes melodic, otherworldly music in praise of doing the wrong thing, making pleasurable short-term personal decisions with horrifying long-term consequences, and glorying in the mess left behind. Listen to some Sneak tunes and find out where we're playing next.

In November 2006, Adam visited Tashkent, Uzbekistan, armed with only a computer and two microphones to work with some of the country's most notable folk musicians. After five days of rehearsals, Adam Klipple and The Masters of Tashkent performed to a sold-out audience at the National Conservatory of Uzbekistan. Find out what we've been doing stateside ever since.

You can also find out more about Adam or listen to a variety of older music clips here.

Photo by Richard Vignola.
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