Organ Soul Explosion

Adam’s band the Organ Soul Explosion plays wild arrangements of current pop songs and classical music. What if Billie Eilish was a Motown star? What if Tchaikovsky was from Jamaica? What if Radiohead collaborated with Roy Orbison to record Hindustani classical music? All these questions are answered through Adam’s inventive arrangements and top notch funk jazz musicians.



Drive-By Leslie

All original funk, soul, surf, hip-hop, jungle, blues, boogaloo, and beyond! Music for your booty and your brain.

“As ringleader of a groove-conscious crew of provocateurs collectively known as Drive-By Leslie, Adam Klipple touches on aspects of Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters and The Meters while also keeping the door wide open to free-form excursions that go all the way out on a limb.”

– Bill Milkowski

"Time of the Season" – live soul jazz jam in Seoul, South Korea